finding affordable healthcare options
finding affordable healthcare options

Deciding where to go for your healthcare can be a big decision. All of us want to find the highest quality doctors and services at the most affordable cost for ourselves and our families.

There are simple, but important steps, that can help you get the care you need at the most affordable price …

Look in your provider network

Insurers typically contract with numerous doctors, hospitals, and health systems for more cost-effective services and treatments.

These providers are referred to as being “in-network” and typically are less expensive than other, “out-of-network” providers. Capital Blue Cross offers an online “Find a doctor” tool where members can find in-network doctors by name, location, specialty, and more.

Research potential costs

There are tools available to help you estimate costs before you seek non-emergency treatment. Again, Capital Blue Cross’ “Find a doctor” tool can help. Members can use it to get cost estimates and compare prices for office visits, procedures, surgeries, tests and vaccines, and learn more about other treatment options before deciding where to go.

Choose the right place for the care you need now

Emergencies can happen, and in some case, your nearest emergency room is the right place to go. But using other nonemergency options in some instances can get you faster, more affordable care. Consider these options:

Telehealth – Schedule a virtual visit by smartphone, tablet, or computer on your schedule from wherever you are. The Capital Blue Cross VirtualCare app offers members round-the-clock access to doctors for many common healthcare needs, including behavioral health visits with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The service even includes nutrition counseling.

Office Visit – A visit with your doctor can be a good place to start if you prefer in-person care. Your doctor can keep a history of your health and refer you to a specialist or hospital if needed.

Urgent Care – Visiting an urgent care center for nonemergency situations that require in-person treatment is 2-3 times less costly than an emergency room visit.

Emergency Room – In a true emergency, go straight to the nearest hospital ER.

Knowing how to get the right care at the right time can help you save money, while also ensuring you or your family stay healthy.